DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween approaching, it is that time to figure out what to dress my little guy in. He usually gets excited to be a superhero of some sort; Hulk, Iron Man (twice now, two different versions), Buzz Lightyear. Don’t get me wrong, superheroes are awesome and I love the movies, but the costumes can get a little tacky and expensive.

I don’t know if you have ever purchased one of these cheesy costumes, but they usually consist of a body suit with Velcro in the back to hold the material shut as well as a cheaply made plastic mask. One year I let my son wear his costume around the house for about a week before trick-or-treating just to play around in and not even ten minutes into it, the mask was cracked and broken down the middle. Let’s be honest, they’re junk.

Just about a week ago, I asked my little guy if he had put any thought into what he wanted to be for Halloween this year. I was waiting to hear Captain America, Thor, Optimus Prime or one of the others. He simply replied that he did not want to be a superhero this year; he wanted to be something scary and different. I almost jumped up and down for joy. Maybe this would turn into a DIY project for us to work on together. We parents get a thrill out of projects like this.

There are tons of DIY Halloween costume ideas online. There are a ton of clever and cute ideas that I have never even thought of on these websites. A baby bum, carrot, and even Dwight from The Office. We are still debating what one to choose and work on. We have narrowed it down to a Werewolf or Jester/Joker. We plan to head to the thrift stores this weekend to get supplies and clothing needed to make the costume. I even considered doing something for myself: a scarecrow or anything easily thrown together with jeans, a flannel, hat and a little make-up; having a seven-year-old will keep the kid inside you alive for sure. Last year I was a nerd and that too was cute, easy and inexpensive.

Next blog I will let you know what we went with for my son’s costume and I will be sure to include photos and details about how we put it all together. Post any of your own Halloween costume ideas that you’d like to share.


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